Lawrence Edmondson

Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Technologist.

I create software, scale teams, and use technology to enable creative ideation.

My purpose

As a technologist, I've always had a strong desire to create things. Tracing this back to my childhood, my father had a unique profession as a Jeweler and Master Watchmaker. At a very young age, I would observe him meticulously creating beautiful jewelry and working with micro components inside of a mechanical watch.

My Dad at work in his element; concepting and realizing his creative vision.

Although we worked in different mediums, his a very tangible and finite one and mine entirely digital where everything is malleable. I've grown to realize the parallels between my father and me. Quite simply, my Dad was a creator, and I'm a creator.

"My purpose is to create things using digital technology, software, servers, programming languages, and the like."


Speaking Engagements

I genuinely believe there's something special, empowering, and inspiring when I'm connecting with an audience. Before each talk, I like to ask myself these three questions from the perspective of the audience:

  1. Why am I here?
  2. What do I intend to leave knowing?
  3. Is this worth my time and attention?

Speakers have the responsibility not only to engage and captivate their audience but, most importantly, to ensure each audience member feels connected with their message. In addition to building software, mentoring, and growing engineering teams, I truly love speaking. Here's a highlight of a few speaking engagements.

Appearances / Press
  • President (NYC, Summer 2016 Cohort) - The Founder Institute
  • Led the global team behind the Harley-Davidson website redesign across 45 countries and 13 languages
  • Led the team which build Pepsi Refresh Everything
  • Created the first E-Commerce site for JCPenney circa 1996
  • Led the team who developed the first site circa 2001

  • Created Notorie, the world's first News and Music app focused on the stories behind the most notorious artists - 2020
  • Featured Site - International Women's Day 2019, Agency - AKQA
  • Featured Site - Pride March AR Experience 2019, Agency - AKQA
  • Best In Class (Beard Duel), 2015 Interactive Media Awards. Agency - RFI Studios
  • Bronze Cyber Lion award Best Digitally Driven Integrated Campaign. (Pepsi Refresh), 2010 Cannes. Agency - HUGE
  • OMMA Best Integrated Online Campaign Non-Alcoholic Beverage category. (Pepsi Refresh, 2010, Agency - HUGE

My philosophy on leadership

"There are those who lead, and then, there are leaders" - Simon Sinek. When I read Simon Sinek's Start With Why, I pondered on the meaning of his bold statement and introspectively asked myself, "Am I a leader, or do I lead?" In case you're wondering, leaders, get elected but those who lead do so naturally. The next question I asked myself was, "How well do I lead? Do I lead with empathy, or do I lead to get results?".

As a programmer who eventually made his way into the ranks of management, I didn't understand what it meant to lead until I failed at it, learned from it, and grew. Failure has taught me perseverance, and perseverance has reaffirmed my purpose. My experiences and coaching have taught me firsthand that what makes a great leader is not leading for results but leading with empathy and trusting that the efficacy of your leadership will manifest when you empower your team to be their best.


Here's a few of the amazing brands I've had the pleasure of creating campaigns and software for throughout my career

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